Top row left to right: Urvish Sukhadiya, Aswathi Ramesh, Aditi Katyal, Shivam Shah, Iti Choudhary, Anjali Mishra, Sohini Datta

Zeitgeist, the Literary, Quizzing, and Activities Club of IIM Shillong was formulated in 2017 to encourage students to expand their knowledge and aid in the quest of the Institute to become one of the centres of excellence in the country.

The Club’s primary activity is to conceptualize, plan & conduct annual literature fest, quizzes, debates, workshops, fun fests, movie nights, literary and art events. Zeitgeist plays a key role in prep team, whose sole purpose is to help the batches be better prepared for the placement process.

About the Club

Zeitgeist organizes and conducts:

Zenith: Zenith is the annual literature festival, independently organized by Zeitgeist to enshrine the values and wisdom of those who walked before us by taking a step back in time. It brings dialogue, deliberation, and discussion to the campus in clouds.

 Debates and Quizzes: Zeitgeist organizes “Coup-De-Grace”– the ultimate B-school debate competition under “Khlurthma”, the Annual Management Fest of IIM Shillong. The club also hosts weekly quizzes along with “Aswamedha” the flagship quiz conducted as a part of Zenith, and it oversees conducting the campus round of “Tata Crucibles”. Through these activities, we help hone participants’ skills and prepare teams to represent IIM Shillong at national and international level competitions.

Movie and Book club: Zeitgeist conducts monthly movie nights, a get away from the hectic academic schedule, to rejuvenate and bring about fresh perspectives and dialogues. “Open Shelf”, the book club, is a perfect place for all bibliophiles. It is a community of people who are ready to go beyond the pages and continue the conversations.

Prep Team: Zeitgeist coordinates with other academic clubs and committees to formulate the prep team. The club oversees the mentorship programmes for SIP preparations and spearheads the placement preparation process.

Contact Us

Official Email ID: zeitgeist@iimshillong.ac.in

Shivam Shah
+91 9979398121
Aditi Katyal
+91 9717394236
Aswathi Ramesh
+91 9497441593