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Top Row Left to Right: Rahul Biswas, Mohak Kumar, Aravind S, Kuldeep Khatri, Vutala Prashanth
Bottom Row Left to Right: Vaishvee S Thacker, Savi Mahajan, Priya Sangwan, Apurva Srivastava

The Marketing Club of IIM Shillong gathers the zeal of all marketing enthusiasts and channelizes it through various activities. This enables the students to gauge the various aspects of the marketing domain beyond classrooms and leverage the same to get a stronghold in their professional careers thereon. One of the key goals of the club is to prepare students for successful careers in marketing. This is ensured by providing a platform for students to network with industry experts, attend conferences and workshops, and participate in various marketing competitions.


About the Club

Welcome to the Marketing Club of the IIM Shillong! Markathon is a dynamic and vibrant community of unique and eccentric minds who are passionate about marketing, advertising, and understanding consumer behaviour.

At our core, we are a team of individuals who are eager to explore the various facets of marketing, learn about the latest trends and strategies in the industry, and apply this knowledge in real-world scenarios. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas for a new campaign, analyzing consumer behavior, or conducting market research, our members are always up for a challenge.

Here at Markathon, we aim to take marketing beyond books by providing a platform to integrate concepts with wit and creative freedom. With a plethora of diversified events taking place all over the year, we seek to enrich our knowledge and experience. We believe in the legacy of love and creativity. Hence, our head can be anywhere but we all are ‘Dil se Markathon’.

With our events we aim to indulge in the holistic growth of all the marketing enthusiasts.The process is fueled by divergent thinking and our engagements are funfilled.

● Godsellers is an annual extravaganza that engages the entire institute’s fraternity and features a full week of fun-filled exhibitions of marketing and entrepreneurship skills.
● Jingstaad is an annual inter-college umbrella marketing event that attempts to bring out the best and most innovative marketers among students all over the country by disrupting product positioning practices through two sub-events: Ulta Pulta and War of Brands.
● X-Marketer is one of the most challenging online inter-college events, with the format changing each year to honor the spirit of dynamic times and minds.
● Touchstone is an online case study event hosted by Markathon as part of IIM Shillong’s flagship event, Khlurthma.
● Apart from that, we play an important role in organizing domain-specific panel discussions for the annual Business Leadership Summit.
● We also publish Markathon Magazine, which is themed and covers the latest campaigns, exciting trends, and industry insights.
● Through our Instagram and LinkedIn handles, we impart knowledge in a bite sized manner to our audience in a quirky and engaging manner.

Whether you’re a marketing enthusiast or just looking to learn more about this exciting field, the Marketing Club at IIM Shillong welcomes you with open arms.

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Vaishvee S. Thacker
+91 8238557200
Savi Mahajan
+91 7889393090
Kuldeep Khatri
+91 9079779948