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Top Row Left to Right: Shubham Saroha, Zeba Shania, Saloni Garg, Adarsh Tiwari
Bottom Row Left to Right: Shruti Manwatkar, Dimple Gupta, Tanvi

Oasis, the socio-mental well-being club of IIM Shillong, strives to be a safe space for students bogged down by the rigor of the MBA curriculum. The club aims to initiate conversations regarding mental well-being and believes these communications would help the institute’s participants lead healthier lives.

It is an initiative to reach out to fellow participants, serving as a bridge between them and professional counsellors and providing support. Oasis spearheads interactive forums to create a safe space for facilitating empowering discussions and inspiring subsequent actions for participants’ social and mental well-being.

About the Club

Oasis is the latest student body to be inducted into the official clubs of IIM Shillong. The need for a socio-mental well-being cell was identified by the participants of PGP 19 and PGP 20 and, under the guidance of Prof. Ashutosh Murti, was officially provided with club status in 2022. The socio-mental health support club aims to be a soundboard, a listening ear, and an arm around the shoulder for those who feel overwhelmed and suffocated due to various challenges of an MBA candidate’s life both on and off-campus. Oasis is dedicated to working toward all issues that involve the overall wellness of the IIM Shillong community.

Oasis conducts interactive sessions with mental health experts or NGOs working in the space to increase awareness. These sessions will help reduce the stigma related to mental health and encourage more people to open up.

The club also conceptualized a town hall event wherein participants can come and let their voices be heard. The club seeks to create a safe space for every student and improve the day-to-day quality of life at IIM Shillong.

Contact Us

Official Email ID: teamoasis@iimshillong.ac.in

Shruti Manwatkar
+91 7756094228
Saloni Garg
+91 9811181690
Adarsh Tiwari
+91 7651815670