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Left to Right: Aditya Chaudhary, Karan Taneja, Satish Ranjan Pradhan, Devang Dagra

Golf, the Game of Corporates is a regal experience like no other. It is a game where you play against yourself and the ever-changing environment, just like the business world of today. With Asia’s largest natural Golf course in its backyard, IIM Shillong is fortunate enough to be the only B-School in the country that can boast of having a Golf Club, in form of a student body.

The custodians of the club, take pride in sustaining the golf culture and carrying forward the unique legacy of the game through plethora of activities.

About the Club

The club activities include:
The IIM Shillong Golf Cup: Since 2009, the first year of its establishment, IIM Shillong has been hosting its flagship event “The IIM Shillong Golf Cup”, which has had the privilege of witnessing Ministers, Corporates and Government officials all at the same time. And it has continued to grow and reach new heights since its launch. After its inception in 2012, the IIM Shillong Amateur Golf Club (IIMSAGC) took it up as its mission to increase the interest of students, the faculty members, and the administrative staff in the game of Golf and make the IIM Shillong Golf Cup a grand phenomenon in the years to come.
Albatross magazine: Each year, we publish our annual magazine by the name of “Albatross”, where the focus is to inform the reader about the evolving world of golf, and the events by our institute in relation to the game.
Paganica: Among the many things conducted by them is “Paganica”- an online golf event for participants of all B-schools across India, as well as many smaller pre-events.
Learning on the Green Turf: Since 2022-23 session, the club has broadened the scope of the Golf Cup, providing an opportunity for the institute’s students to hone their leadership skills by engaging first-hand with the most accomplished industry leaders, while also contributing to the region by bringing such corporate executives to experience the abundant nature and potential of Northeast India.

11 CXO level corporates from all over India, Diplomats of Northeast, members of the armed forces, and an exchange of dialogue and ideas between all of them; shared with the fraternity of IIM Shillong through one-on-one dialogues, interactive sessions, panel discussions and imbibing the culture of Shillong through Immersive visits. This sums up ‘Learning on the Green Turf’ for 2022-23 with a much grander vision for the upcoming years.

With a larger space and new Golf Amenities at our new Campus in Umsawli, the club plans to execute a miniature golfing tournament within the premises of the Institute so as to give the faculty and students yet another reason to pick up the golf clubs and take their best swing forward. It also hopes to move outside the bounds of the Institute and involve more local institutes and local golfers to meet its aim of the proliferation of the love and spirit of the game amongst the students.

Contact Us

Official Email ID: golfclub@iimshillong.ac.in

Satish Ranjan Pradhan
+91 8328905724
Karan Taneja
+91 8527373310
Devang Dagra
+91 8889344335